Adsum Group Provides A Variety Of Real Estate Development Services That Achieve Maximum Returns For Our Clients And Guide Investors Through A Complete Real Estate Development Process.

  • owner representation
  • acquisition due diligence
  • entitlements
  • consultant selection and management
  • design
  • permitting
  • bidding
  • contract negotiation
  • construction management
  • jurisdictional negotiations
  • cost control
  • scheduling
feasibility analysis

Adsum Group conducts technical and financial feasibility studies to evaluate highest-return scenarios and determine the best use of land. Using proprietary financial models that incorporate revenue estimates and cost estimates, we can determine financial requirements and cash flow with great accuracy. Financing sources are identified based on comparables and our global network and soon after explored.

profitability analysis

Adsum Group conducts comprehensive profitability studies that can help determine the economic viability and profit expectations of any project. Using a combination of both time-value-of-money and real options analytical tools, bottom-line profits for a variety of development scenarios can be obtained.

due diligence

Real estate projects have unique due diligence requirements. Adsum helps clients structure a due diligence inquiry, understand types available, and identify options for dealing with critical issues. We provide property inspections and documentation, zoning analyses, local market surveys, tax credit analyses, and a variety of related services.

budget analysis

Adsum Group provides project estimating and budgeting to minimize variability in project construction cost, project life, as well as change order estimates, value engineering and estimates of project design and management fees. We work regularly with government agencies and can secure state and local government permits quickly and cost - effectively.

cost control

Adsum Group provides cost and schedule information that enables clients to make timely, critical decisions. These services include the maintenance, tracking and analysis of project cost data as well as the development of status reports.

owner representation

Adsum Group responds to a market-driven need for professional, knowledge-based real estate representation and a comprehensive skill set to deliver complete real estate solutions that allow customers to focus on their core business.

marketing and sales

Every project is different and Adsum understands it. Success on our projects depends greatly on our marketing and selling strategies. The Adsum team counts on qualified personnel to develop market strategies directed to the target group according to the Real Estate market conditions. Using our own studies, Adsum sets the objectives and goals supported by a sales team leaded by brokers with decades of experience in international markets which understand that each client is unique and demanding.

investor relations

Adsum Group provides a host of reliable investor relations services. We qualify prospective investors, maintain client/investor relationships, and generate equity participation through unique creation and preparation of Real Estate funds. Our team of reliable financial managers provide valuation of Real Estate assets, facilitates mergers and acquisitions, and directs overall strategic investment planning.

construction management

Adsum Group's innovative, personalized approach to every construction assignment ensures that projects are delivered on time with the highest quality workmanship at the lowest possible cost. From the initial space design through the final tenant occupancy, our “hands on” approach includes design development management, permitting strategies, project bidding, cost comparison analyses, value engineering, construction monitoring, tenant coordination, lender disbursement administration, change order negotiation, lien protection management, and dealing with government issues, including the procurement of certificates of occupancy. Additionally, Adsum Group achieves considerable cost savings that are passed directly to our clients.

construction analysis

Adsum Group will evaluate the proposed budget, improvements, and arrangements for any construction assignment. This includes a review of documentation for completeness, constructability, appropriateness, and adequacy of the construction quality control program; as well as a review of available design documents, plans and specifications to assess whether they are sufficiently complete to move forward with the proposed project.